2.6 Challenge for Albert Kennedy Trust

Deadline: 26th August

Join us in taking on, or supporting, the 2.6 Challenge for Albert Kennedy Trust.

You can:

  • Run, walk or cycle 2.6km
  • Repeat something 2600 times
  • Make 26 or 260 of something
  • ... or anything else that fits the theme!

You can find our fundraising page online here.

Let us know you're taking part in the challenge by emailing us or leaving us a message on Facebook!

Find this challenge on Facebook.

The Big Rainbow Bake-Off

Deadline: 22nd June

Improved your baking skills under lockdown? Want the chance to win one of two £25 shopping vouchers? Share your best rainbow-themed baked goods with us!

To enter the competition send us a photo of your entry (with a copy of the recipe if possible), via Facebook or email, by the 22nd June. Shortlisted entries will be put to a public vote, and the top two entries will receive a £25 shopping voucher.

Write To Your Younger Self

Deadline: 30th August

If you could send a letter back in time, what would you want to share with your younger self? Perhaps you'd include a helpful hint to understanding an aspect of their identity or community, reassurance that things get better, or news of future wins like same-sex marriage and legal gender recognition?

To enter, send your letter to us via Facebook or email. Ten entries drawn at random will each receive a £10 shopping voucher.